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  • Destillieranlage / Aufsatz aus Edelstahl für den Lidl Monsieur Cuisine Edition Plus
  • Verbindungsmuffe
  • Edelstahlgewindering
  • Kunstoffmutter
  • eingebautes Analog-Thermometer
  • Wasserpumpe
  • 3 Silikon-Schläuche
  • Hochwertige Aufbewahrungsbox aus Holz
  • Gebrauchsanweisung

  • 100 g Kiefernadeln von "Herzlich natur"
  • 100 g Fichtennadeln von "Herzlich natur"
  • 100 g Salbeiblätter von "Herzlich natur"

- Der Monsieur Cuisine ist im Lieferumfang NICHT enthalten. -

Gebrauchsanweisung zum Download - PDF

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NaturaTMmix® - winter set | Monsieur Cuisine Edition Plus
  • Made in Germany

    Our home is Baden-Württemberg. This is where we develop our products and this is where we assemble our stills every day and subject them to a final quality check before packaging.

  • Easy handling

    Plug & Play - That is our promise. From the beginning it was our goal to take up the simple operation of modern food processors and thus enable an uncomplicated production of distillates.

  • Durable stainless steel

    Sustainability means that products are of high quality and durable. This basic idea determines our choice of materials and our demands on the processing of materials. So that we can all enjoy our distilleries for a long time.

Do you have any questions? - Here are the most important answers ...

Will I still be able to use my still if I ever buy a new food processor?

Of course, we also sell the specific adapters for the stills separately. This makes it easy to use a still that was originally designed for the Monsieur Cuisine on the Thermomix® TM6 with a new adapter, for example.

How do I clean the still?

You can simply rinse the still and the hoses with clear water and let them air dry.

If more cleaning is required, the screw connections of the still can also be loosened.

Is it really that easy to use?


It was always important to us to take up the intuitive operation of your thermal food processor and thus make it easy to produce distillates.