Pine needle hydrosol

The pine tree – the helper in the cold season

In addition to the spruce, the pine is a native, well-known tree
Healing tree. With a variety of essential oils, antioxidants and vitamins, it is a great help for troubled noses and strained bronchi, especially when it comes to colds. The characteristically fragrant needles of the robust tree, which can cope well with both extreme drought and extreme temperatures, have traditionally been used for centuries to clear the respiratory tract or to relieve stubborn skin problems. In earlier times, the resin was also used to make a versatile pitch ointment
produced that should not be missing from any home medicine cabinet.


Use of pine needle hydrolate

This is just as suitable as the spruce needle hydrosol
Pine plant water is ideal as a full bath or foot bath for colds. The vapors help the mucous membranes to recover and ensure that stuck mucus is coughed up easily. Also for muscle and sports injuries or
Rheumatism, pine needle hydrosol has a positive effect on the affected areas. As a pad or in an ointment, its versatile ingredients can provide relief from symptoms.

Pine needle hydrosol Recipe

By Matthias
Prep time: 5 mins
Cook time: 30 min


  • fresh or dried* leaves
  • *Using the dried leaves makes the hydrosol more aromatic


  • Add 1 liter of water to the mixing bowl of the Thermomix, 0.7 liters of water to the Monsieur Cuisine
  • Pour approx. 100 g of dried pine needles, slightly moistened, into the cooking basket
  • Put the lid on the still and start the still as described in the instructions for use
  • In the Thermomix, set the time to 30 minutes, the temperature to Varoma and the speed to level 1
  • After 10-15 minutes, the hydrosol drips into the collecting container.
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