Recipes for hydrolates and essential oils


Nettle hydrolate

The stinging nettle – the defensive super herb It is also called the queen of wild herbs. And rightly so.... Read more


Dandelion hydrosol

The dandelion – the ultimate vitamin provider Bright yellow flowers that add a splash of color to any meadow and... Read more


Spruce needle hydrosol

The spruce – the intensive scent dispenser Earthy, spicy, intense. Especially in autumn, when the temperatures get colder and it... Read more

Salbei - Hydrolat

Sage - hydrosol

Sage – the spicy medicinal herb Although originally from the Mediterranean, sage has now become an integral part of almost... Read more


Peppermint hydrosol

Peppermint – the aromatic source of energy With its absolutely characteristic smell, peppermint is certainly one of the best-known medicinal... Read more